In Ternopil Conscripts will not go into the zone ATU

Ternopil 60% performed routine tasks for mobilizatsiyi.Pro told Ternopil regional military commissar Colonel Vladimir Katyn during the press conference on 23 February. "I hope that together with patriotic feelings in the nearest partAce fulfill the task of the fourth wave of partial mobilization, which we delivered state. I emphasize that the protection of the homeland - a constitutional duty of every citizen of Ukraine. I invite area residents to the military commissariat. Fully completed and planned target Kremenetskiy Shumsky Ternopil region "- tickSee Colonel Vladimir Katyn. Head of recruitment and conscription - deputy regional military commissioner Lt. Col. Oleg Denisyuk reported that the Decree of the President of Ukraine "On conscription for military service." According to him, in April and May 2015 will call conscripts to the Armed Forces andUkraine and other military formations. The officer also brought to the public the changes in the law on conscription for military service. "Conscription can be carried out in peacetime and wartime. Also parliamentary candidates, members of village and city councils have lost the right to delay. Moves to stress that pryzyvu bemales from 18 to 27 years, and send to the troops - those with 20 to 27 years. All Conscripts will not go into the zone ATO ", - said Lt. Col. Oleg Denysyuk. This was reported in the Ternopil Regional State Administration