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In Ternopil on the status of local and regional budgets heard on board RSA

during RSA board meeting held on 25 February, the Director of Finance State Administration Stepan Skybylyak informed on the implementation of the regional budget for 2015. He noted that the performance estimates of the Ministry of Finance UkRaina was 102.3%, with an average local budgets in Ukraine - 98.6%. "The growth rate of the previous year in the region makes 104.5%, in Ukraine - 101.3% - said Stephen Skybylyak. - Local budgets received 1 billion 73 million USD. Execute earnings all areas except Lanivtsi - 99.9%, and 5.5 million. you are behind budget TernOpole. As for equalization grants state budget, the region received them fully - 2.4 billion. To cover temporary cash gaps local budgets received 1 billion. short-term loans to finance wages, energy and protected items ". Director of the Department of Finance ODA also noted thatexpenditures during the year were aimed available balance local budgets - only 56.3 million USD. The state budget received full equalization of the annual plan is - 663.9 million USD. "Additional grants to equalize the financial security of the state budget received 76.7 million USD., Including 6.7 million USD. to OblasovBudget it - 100% of the plan - he said. - Subsidies from the state budget in general and special funds received 1 617 500 000 USD. In the field of education funding allocated 334.5 million USD. Health - 429.3 million USD., Social protection and social security - 69.2 mln .., culture and art - 50.3 mln., PhysicalCulture and Sports - 14.7 million. ". Also Skybylyak Stephen said that in 2015 the region will feel the problems with the implementation of the budget due to the fact that the overpayment to the local budgets totaled 63.7 million USD .. In addition, the situation resolve tax profit private companies. Tax debt to local budgets as of January 1, 2015 one hundrednovyv 43 million USD and increased during the year by 11.5 million USD or 36.4 percent. "In four areas decreased tax debt (10.7% Berezhany, Buchach - 15.5% Kozova - 15% Kremenetskiy - 14.1%). The increase of more than 400 thousand. Hryvnia allowed Husyatyn, Zborowski, Podvolochisskiy and Ternopil region "- Said Stephen Skybylyak. "Despite all the problems that have arisen with the implementation of local budgets would like to stress that the budget expenditures of local budgets were planned in the amount of 222 million USD .. Cash expenditures amounted to 186 million USD., So we can assume that the development budget was used" - continued he. Also Director of Financesaid that the repair and strengthening of material base of educational institutions spent 31 million USD. Health - nearly 9 million. UAH., social security - 2 mln., Cultural Arts Center - 8 million USD. Physical Culture and sport - more than 1 million USD., Housing and Utilities - 58 mln., construction - 23 million USD .. "These expenses claimerevedeni the funds transferred from the general to the special fund. In addition, due to capital inflows for the reconstruction of roads allocated 30 mln., On measures to protect the environment protection - 2.5 million. "- Said Stephen Skybylyak. This was reported in the Ternopil Regional State Administration