In Ternopil Regional Administrations discussed by considering collective labor disputes

working meeting Acting Deputy Head of Ternopil Oblast State Administration Ivan Babiychuk of the head office of the National Mediation and conciliation in Ternopil region (NSMC) and director Natalia Shershnev subsidiary "Ternopilskyy Oblavtodor "JSC" SAC "Roads of Ukraine" Yuriy Nice on 25 February at RSA. The meeting discussed measures to facilitate the settlement of collective labor disputes between employees five branches of the subsidiary "Ternopil Oblavtodor" JSC "SAC" Roads of Ukraine "and subsidiary"Ternopil Oblavtodor" JSC "SAC" Roads of Ukraine ". John Babiychuk noted that during the discussion of the state of industrial relations in branches District Avtodor SE "Ternopil Region Motorway" and claims of employees was agreed to hold matching conciliation commission meetings, as well as the ways rowith regard to collective labor disputes involving government officials. "Together with the office in Ternopil region NSMC we agreed action plan in support of the management of collective labor disputes and reached agreement on joint action towards meeting the employees", - said Acting Deputy Chairman of the Ternopil regionadministration. This was reported in the Ternopil Regional State Administration