Learn how you can conquer the mountain in Chernihiv

21 February in Chernihiv City Center tourist and recreational and educational work with children and young people was held open championship of the Centre for bouldering (climbing variety). The event was aimed at improving the technical skills of participants, involving young students in regular physical educationand sports, promotion of tourism active, meaningful rest and leisure. The event was attended by the guys Centre and city schools in the following age categories: 3 - 4 classes winners were the girls Place - Alexander Panek (4 routes in 6 attempts), the head of John Nikolaienko; boys Place - Konstantin Stocking (6Route 7 attempts), Head Karina Antontseva. 5 - 6 classes Women Place - Karina Shulha (2/7), the head of Jan Nikolaienko; among boys Place - Ilya Hlushenok (7/11), Head Karina Antontseva; Second place - Dmitry Shpak (6/26), the head of Jan Nikolaienko; Third place - Daniel Zubok (5/7), head of Dmitry Nikolayenko. 7 - 8 classes among virginsChat Place - Valeria Akostolova (5/12), the head of Jan Nikolaienko; Second place - Alexander Fair (5/16), head Irina Ovsyaniko; among boys Place - Alexei Boiko, head Karina Antontseva; Second place - Artem Ruban, head of Dmitry Nikolayenko; Third place - Yuri Samorod, head Karina Antontseva. 9 - 11 classes among boys I - II MonthsThis - Alexander Kushchenko (13/14), Head Karina Antontseva; - II place - Mikhail Popov (13/14), Head Karina Antontseva; Third place - Roman Borisenko (6/9), Head Karina Antontseva. In general, the competition was attended by 40 hurtkivtsiv. According to the organizers, the stable number of participants each year demonstrates the significant popularity of thiscomplex sport among students Chernigov. According to the Center TOVRDM