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In Lutsk Nicholas Romaniuk informed the deputies of the executive bodies of the City Council on 2014

During today's plenary session of the 71 th session of the City Council Mayor Nicholas Romaniuk informed the deputies of the executive personnel of the City Council for 2014. Elect community decided not to hear information as they mAli opportunity to get acquainted with him previously during the meetings of the standing committees of the City Council. Anatoly Biryukov, Andrew Kozyura, Askold Baking, Nicholas Dendiberin, George Vega, Andrey Osipov, Paul Danylchuk, Igor Polishchuk, Roman Romaniuk, Pisa Alexander, Anatoly Parkhomyuk mayor put a number of questions concerning the work envemyh structural units of the City Council, the city state of readiness for the introduction of martial law, a strategy for further development of Lutsk, plans for this year and so on. Finally, get your questions answered MPs to report Nicholas Romaniuk into account. In addition, the elected representatives of the community considered the issue "On exemption from land hearthment for 2015 ". The document proposed to exempt from land tax of 100% state authorities and local authorities, prosecutors, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the State Emergency Services, Security Service of Ukraine, military formations, formed under the laws incountry, the Armed Forces of Ukraine, schools, cultural institutions, science, health, social security, physical culture and sport fully maintained by the state or local budgets. After discussion, the deputies supported the proposed draft decision. This was reported in Lutsk City Council