In Ternopil rescuers spent with students training in civil protection

In connection ’ connection with the threat of a disaster (especially military character) is more important is holding roses ’ yasnyuvalnoyi outreach to educate citizens on how to behave in dangerous situations. February 24 workers MonastyrskyiDistrict Sector and 19 th State Fire and Rescue Office of trained civil protection in Monastyryska secondary school I-III. Once there was a signal "learning anxiety" was worked out script prompt movement of students in antiradiation shelter. To ensure quick evacuation of childrendivided into age groups. The rescuers told the students what to do in an emergency military character, what to do when it detects explosive devices, and more - that is contain the « emergency suitcase & raquo ;, in case of forced an emergency evacuation. After the testing and training of anxiety « ekskurCilly, Aisne » in antiradiation shelter rescue organized cognitive preventive measure for students in grades 8-11 Monastyryska secondary school levels. Experts fire case told the students about safety rules. In particular, the danger posed by a fire, and reminded students the basic rules that you should follow to avoid fire.And so it was interesting to children, they were told rescuers Fire Brigades and equipment that is in service in firefighters allowed to use a fire extinguisher and first aid submit barrel on mental focus fire. Management and school children expressed gratitude for firefighters spent the west.