In the Transcarpathian region Berehove police detained the thief who stole the wheel with the ATP

Unknown intruder entered the warehouse Berehiv motor company and stole wheel to the car. Operatives Berehiv police department established place of sale kidnapped and detained a thief. By Berehiv police stationpolice a statement addressed 28-year-old employee of a local motor company. The man reported that someone stole the spare wheel from the trunk of his official car. Law enforcers quickly took to be the thief and arrested him. Thieves was berehivets 42-year-old, who has repeatedly held criminally complianceidalnosti for committing theft. However, the court bore him a suspended sentence because it was not for him "science," and he again committed a crime. Stolen wheel thief managed to sell. Law enforcement officers found him and returned to the owner. In this incident started criminal proceedings for 185 (theft) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. With the perfect man Zagreuschewing up to three years in prison. Information Beregovo District Police