In Zakarpattia Oblast Mukachevo police met with the students of the Lyceum

police told lyceum of responsibility for minor offenses harmful effects of alcohol and cigarettes. Recently, the disciples Mukachevo Agricultural Lyceum visited employees of the criminal police for Children Mukachevo Gorotdel police. OperaPlenipotentiary Vladimir Rypych delivered a lecture on the prevention of crime among young people. Also, law enforcement voiced statistics of criminal offenses committed by minors, and said teenagers from ages of criminal and administrative responsibility. Considerable attention is paid to the problem of law enforcement smoking, drug addiction etc.and alcoholic beverages, citing specific life examples of the harmful effects of bad habits. Separately stopped for offenses that are often commit teenagers. The meeting was held in the form of dialogue. Each student received informative answers and valuable advice from the police. For any ill-considered act of a young manthen can cross its fate. According to a third year student Vitali such discipline meeting young people forced to reflect on their behavior. Law enforcers have not only warned, but also provide valuable advice to the younger generation. Information Mukachevo CF MIA