In the Transcarpathian region Perechyn police destroyed

drugs in Perechynskyi police station together with representatives of the NRA and the court UAS destroyed drugs seized as evidence in criminal proceedings, investigations investigating police station. In Perechynskyi police station was destroyed drugs seized Rightsoohorontsyamy as evidence in criminal cases. On execution of court decisions to destroy evidence, police department employees Perechynsky burned drugs, including especially dangerous narcotic drugs marijuana, poppy straw and opium poppy plants. Destruction narkoroslyn conducted in the presence of Perechynskoho NRA CSS Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region Perechyn district court and the special commission from the staff Perechyn District Police. Plants poppy stalks of hemp, marijuana - destroyed by burning in the fire. So from illegal circulation has been permanently withdrawn drugs are not one thousand. And now it's atrkotychne potion has no one and never harm ... Perechyn District Police