In the Transcarpathian region Tyachiv militia leader met with

journalists Tyachiv District Police Chief Paul Maskalyuk met with local journalists Krychfalushiy Ludmila, Olga and Natalia Madzharoyu Fitsay. The discussion Tyachiv district police chief told about the police during the election campaign and emphasized Mr.Enhancing cooperation with the media. Paul Maskalyuk recalled that in 2014 amended the Criminal Code of Ukraine under which strengthened the responsibility for violations of the election law and bribery of voters. Police outside politics, so the main task of law enforcement is to ensure public order during the electoral process. Zhurnalistiv interested in how law enforcement officers bear service in the elections, so the head of the police station said that the police overshadow the polls after receipt of voting papers and guard them until the day of voting. After citizens voted, the police will accompany members of the commission together with the ballot papers tountil they hand over to the regional election commission. Now for the involvement of all polling stations missing 70 law enforcement officers, so the variant that involved employees from other services (DSNS, border guards). Information Tyachiv District Police