Prosecutor Vladimir Janko: "It is essential that the courts' decisions were lawful"

On February 25, the Prosecutor's Office Transcarpathian region mode videokonferentszv ’ communications conducted educational seminars on the topic: « Problem issues to respond prosecutors unlawful judicial decisions in criminal proceedings in Alelyatsiynomu order & raquo ;. Application videokonferentszv ’ communications made it possible to remotely participate in a workshop assistant professor of the State Prosecution charges the National Academy of Ukraine (m. Kyiv), employees mizhrayprokuratur (Khust) and oblaparatu prosecution region (Uzhgorod). Opening the seminar prosecutor Zakarpatskoyi region Vladimir Janko stressed the importance of the topic and mentioned issues, because the prosecutor is important that all the evidence was fairly priced and the court made a decision in accordance with lawful. Deputy prosecutor John Simon participants focused on the organization of the prosecutors on appeal judgments in Crimeainalnyh proceedings on appeal. Associate Professor of the State Prosecution charges the National Academy of Ukraine Volodymyr Gaeva voiced scientific and methodological aspects of the appeal. On the role of the prosecutor in the trial of criminal proceedings told appellate judge Transcarpathian region IvaMr. Stan. Other topics of the seminar speakers prosecutors worked theme features separate appeal court decisions, the list of persons entitled to file an appeal form and substance of the appeal, the prosecutor's objection on appeal and waiver of appeal, amendment appeal Prosecutorrorom. At the end of the workshop participants summarized and discussed issues. Press office of the Prosecutor's Office Transcarpathian region