In the Transcarpathian region GSO staff Mukachevo become donors, police ATO almost full complement of

officers Mukachevo interdistrict department of the State Security Service came to the center of the field of blood transfusion Mukachevo hospital. In Mukachevo in a military hospital and treated wounded during anti-terrorist operations soldiers. They thatday needs of different blood groups, so workers GSO decided to "share" their blood to those to whom it is essential. - Guys protect our country in the East, risking their own lives. Is it possible that we can not even donate them something? The need for blood is always, so we almost complete personnel gathered and donated blood. Nice to knowthat way you can save someone's life - says the commander of a platoon of special groups SSS detention Basil said. Policemen guard passed almost 2 liters of blood for the needs of the military hospital. Incidentally, this is not the first time employees GSO Transcarpathia become donors, and, as promised, did not last. UDSO the Ministry of Interior in the Transcarpathian region