In Vinnytsia order payment of additional fees

military Order of the Minister of Defense of Ukraine approved the procedure and terms of payment of remuneration and verification mechanism specific tasks during the ATO. For direct part in military ATO paid compensation amounting to 100% of the monthly salary, but notless than 3 thousand per month. In the case of participation in ATU one calendar month - the amount determined in proportion to the days of participation. Remuneration paid well while hospitalized after received during ATO wounds. For successful performance of combat missions paid extra reward unit. Service performed Resultsing combat mission determined on the basis of a higher authority of military control of the combat mission statement, commander of the military order, log combatants and accounting records of military units on a combat mission, which indicates every soldier who took part in the execution and order of itemsAbu ATO to assess the results of the combat mission. Additional remuneration is shared between the commander of the subordinate units indicating the order of the fees each particular person. On payment of additional fees for the successful execution of a decree combat mission commander of the military unit. By directly involvedcount in the fighting after the publication of military order military paid additional remuneration of $ 1 thousand for each day of such participation. Direct participation in hostilities - implementation of military personnel of combat missions in terms of direct contact with the enemy; tasks Missile Forcess and artillery fire destruction of the enemy during combat kontrbatareynoyi; in the conduct of operational intelligence operations in the area of ??implementation of ATO and counterintelligence military units and law enforcement in the area of ??ATO in terms of direct contact with the enemy. Payment of the award is madebased on the confirmation of Staff ATO, military order, log fighting, battle reports and order from the commander of the military unit. Additional compensation for destroying enemy vehicles paid department or individuals in the presence of three or more documents, including journal fighting, bringing the final combat commander unitdirectly perform the tasks given photos and video with the coordinates of the destruction machinery in respect of the seized equipment - the act of posting trophy property. Additional fees are paid as servicemen during tasks captured, missing or killed. In such cases, the remuneration Issuelachuyetsya a military family members. On the Order "On peculiarities of remuneration to servicemen, persons enlisted and officer corps in a particular period and during anti-terrorist operations" can be found at: This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration