In Lutsk plans that the city government will implement during 2015

Mayor Nicholas Romaniuk, to account to the local communities in 2014, also focused on the priority plans that the city government will implement during 2015. Among them: - Continuing activities for completion in secondary school 27; - Providedavailability of pre-school education by opening additional groups, in particular due to the reconstruction of pre-schools 19 on vul.Voyiniv internationalists, 5 and 25 on vul.Chehova, 4 (200 children) - Construction of sewage system in the neighborhood of September (1 part); - Construction of sewage system in Lviv array; - CompletionWorks on installation of a solid waste line s.Brysche Lutsk region; - Overhaul 15 adjacent territories; - Major repair of bridges, roads; - Installation of lighting about 30 pedestrian crossings that are next with educational institutions; - Replacement of windows in gaming groups in pre-school; - Overhaul Corp.usu Palace 2 school youth; - Installation of individual heating unit, roof repair and facilities in Lutsk city children's clinic on the street. Chornovil and repair department at Prospect Will prophylactic examinations; - Completion of the first stage of reconstruction of Lutsk zoo; - The overhaul of the fountain atWill bake and landscaping surrounding areas; - Installation of frequency converters on cold water supply system to ensure uninterrupted supply of water; - Continuation of works on construction of a shelter for homeless animals; - Start of the creation of the Integration Centre for children and young people on the street. Bendeliani, 7; - Recommendationnstruktsiya traffic light equipment and the installation of emergency lights new city intersections; - Implementation of the "Smart City", which involves the construction optykovolokonnoyi network with the introduction of a street video surveillance and building automated transport management system, creating a platform for heoinformasystems; - Reconstruction of CP "Lutsk center of primary health care 1, opening a new outpatient clinic of general practice - family medicine outside Nalivayko; - Repair facilities circuit "Lutsk center of primary health care 2; - Complete roof overhaul and repair facilities and equip acquisitionment in CP "Lutsk center of primary health care 3; - Overhaul of the roof space CP "Lutsk Clinical Maternity - women's consultation"; - Continued work on clearing river Sapalayivky to protect against flooding and public housing development Lutsk; - Construction and reconstruction of externalth street lighting; - Arrangement covered carport public transport stops. This was reported in Lutsk City Council