Lugansk theater resumes in Severodonetsk

Luhansk Regional Academic Ukrainian Drama Theatre (LOAUMDT) is looking for the chief director and actors to restore after moving from the Russian-controlled terrorist troops to the city of Severodonetsk Luhansk Luhansk region. The press service of the Ministry of Culturery. According to the report, theater building in Lugansk and logistical support remained in the territory not controlled by Ukrainian authorities. In December 2014, the theater has changed the location and took in the registration process. Sievierodonets'k. Employees artistic and creative management and warehouse moved to work at other theatersrhanizatsiy Ukraine, and some remained in the occupied Lugansk. Thus, for Lugansk theater faced serious obstacles now announced a set of dramatic actors and ballet dancers, the chief director and art director. Total theater opened 35 vacancies. Told