Volyn region, held training of civil defense forces in Kovel railway junction

February 24 in the city of Kovel, Volyn region witnessed tactical exercises forces and civil defense forces on the organization of firefighting and rescue operations on objects railway. According to the legend that a violationproces process tank farm fuel and lubricants fire occurred in one of the tanks and its subsequent depressurization. The threat of tipping flame ’ I am the neighboring tank with fuel and building infrastructure railway junction. During the exercise, first worked out the next steps to notify the dispatcher of manufactureequal part of this strategically important about ’ object, emergency response services city. To place a conditional emergency emergency crews arrived electric railway junction, worth another State Fire and Rescue parts 4, and the ambulance crew. To ensure public order were involved voyenizovaWell protection locomotive depot and the transportation police. Employees DSNS together with the civil defense of the city and civil defense forces train station « Kovel » worked for joint action to accelerate the localization of conventional fire and prevent environmental disaster due to spill fuel. Putting out firecarried out by supplying powerful water jets and air-mechanical foam using a special barrels to leeward, rescuers worked teplovidbyvnyh protective suits. Bag line laid under the rails. To help service units « 101 » involved in fire train railway junction, which Dr.ostavyv to the scene about significant ’ volume of water and foam, and train the next calculation filed for extinguishing foam Two Smoking Barrels. The structure of the repair station crew is powerful crane at the railway run through which worked extinguishing diffuse « burning » Fuel sand. Results of the exercise involved 47 staff and service units, 6 units. As a result of training determined that guide supervisors object units operational rescue rescue « 101 » and others involved in civil protection m. Kovel ready to perform common tasks from disaster relief to about ’ ECmax Railway. Management DSNS in Volyn region

Source: http://artlife.rv.ua/