In Lutsk Mayor Mykola Romaniuk met Volnovakha

guests to a delegation from Lutsk city Volnovakha led by Mayor Sergei Demchenko. In Lutsk City Council met with the guests Mayor Nicholas Romaniuk, Deputy Mayor Larisa Sokolovskaya and Taras Yakovlev, head of international cooperation andVera Kudryavtseva project activities. Guests arrive in good faith, as evidenced in loaf Embroidered towels which they brought from Donetsk. The meeting discussed the main areas of cooperation. Nicholas Romaniuk informed about the socio-economic potential of the city. Said on international cooperation and development activityLutsk in the fields of culture, health, fitness and sports, making it possible to engage heavily in the city's economy. Only this year will involve 20 million grant funds. Today Luck works with 16 cities in 9 countries. Nicholas Romaniuk said that is working actively to address the issue of energy savingsresources, implementation of energy efficiency measures and energy efficiency. In particular, last year in the public sector, the residential sector, industry and housing the city implemented 86 energy saving measures. About Volnovakha city, its economy, which has shaped the war, said Sergey Demchenko. "Very pleased with yourth beautiful city of Lutsk. Double pleased that we came here at the invitation of the Mayor. When going on a journey, worried because Lutsk much more than Volnovakha. Although now a time that we, as ever, to be together. We show these meetings, we - one people, one nation "­ Volnovakha said Mayora. He also said that on Sunday in the central square Volnovakha took action "East and West together!". It was the eve of Lent, the so-called Forgiveness Sunday. In the event, he told residents of invitation from Lutsk to signing a Memorandum of Cooperation between the two cities in different spheres of life ­ culturaland, sports, youth, social protection, and they spoke positively about this collaboration. At the end of Sergey Demchenko said: "We are delighted that this meeting is very hope - we become sister cities, cities that unite the country." Nicholas Romaniuk on the results of the meeting said: "shnya meeting, all we therein Appovoryly are concrete steps to cooperate. We know that the event took place on Sunday with the participation of young people. That's good, because young people build the future of Ukraine. And above all, the youth is interested in East and West together. A Government plans to bring this bridge between the two city councils prioritize and engage as many residents of Lutskand Volnovakha to joint work and a given area. Who in culture and other fields. I am sure that these are the steps, actions show that Ukraine only. " The meeting discussed measures to support military members and families of those killed and to ATO, assistance to immigrants. Then the program agreed with the delegation in our city Volnovakhacity. According to her guests will visit the center of administrative services in Lutsk, Tourist Information Centre, inspect Old Town, Palace of Westminster, lay flowers on the grave of Hero Heavenly Hundreds Basil Moses and Alley honorary burial in the village Garazdzha. Tomorrow at 9.00 in the assembly hall of the City Council held a solemn signing shallmorandumu. Then the delegation of Volnovakha acquainted with the work of departments of the City Council and take part in a sightseeing tour of the city by car, at the Museum of Volyn Icon, honey house. This was reported in Lutsk City Council