In Lutsk energy conservation and energy efficiency activities - one of the priority areas in the mayor

Told Mayor Nicholas Romaniuk during today's report. In particular, he noted that last year reduced heat consumption by 14.6 thousand Giga calories., Or 33.6%, natural gas at 117.7 thousand. Cu. m, or 27%, And hot water for 6 thousand cubic meters, or 13.5% .; Mastered 4 million USD for NEFCO projects; An agreement with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development to modernize DH m. Lutsk. Nicholas Romaniuk said that the project is planned: installation of individual heating units (ITP); withdrawal of the formerInter- basement boiler; replacement of boiler equipment; modernization of existing boiler and CHP; repair and replacement of main heating systems, installation of bridges, partial replacement vnutrishnodvorovyh heating systems; installation of a new boiler can run on biomass, with additional equipment and reconstruction of the boiler; SetMEDIA remote control and monitoring of SCADA. As Mayor, as a result of the project will be able to annually save about 14 million cubic meters of gas equal to 23.8% of current consumption SCE "Lutskteplo." According to the feasibility study, cost of gas in value terms will be: 2.28 million euros. Whatannual electricity savings are about 3 million kWh, corresponding to 19.5% of current consumption SCE "Lutskteplo." According to the feasibility study, energy saving in value terms will be: 278 thousand. Euro. This was reported in Lutsk City Council