In Lutsk city infrastructure, capital construction of social facilities and housing developing

in 2014 carried out the relevant work to repair city roads. Overall carried overhaul and repair 192 objects of the road network by 42.5 million. Completed overhaul 21 streets, current - 45. Bucketsfitted bridges over the river Sapalayivka, Stir (on the street. Gnidava). Capitally repaired 11 adjacent territories. They carried out comprehensive work, including repair, landscaping, construction of playgrounds and lighting. By 2014 completed the reconstruction of 285 fixtures of external and yard lighting Ponad 7 500 m of cable, about 70 towers. Found a traffic light at the intersection of Shevchenko, Chernyshevsky. It was commissioned in 8 buildings (430 sq., 57 thousand sq. M. M), construction works on more than 428 million USD. According to the program overhaul housing for 2013-2014 in the period set 14 Frequencychiv clock water supply for 9 to 36-storey buildings. Thanks to the timely repair, properly operated 768 lifts - said Mayor Nicholas Romaniuk. This was reported in Lutsk City Council