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In Ternopil be estimated

university premises for the purpose of calculating the rent required to determine the market value of the three state-owned facilities. Two of them are located in Ternopil. This is part of an area of ??1 square meter room on the 5th floor of the school building 1 on the street. N, 56, who is on the balance TNTU. I. Pul'uj. Andalso - a platform 1 total area of ??58.2 square meters on the street. Vynnychenka 10, which is on the balance TNPU them. V. Hnatiuk. In Buchach (st. Agnon, 3) should be assessed buildings with a total area of ??84.86 square meters, which is the balance of the Office of the State Treasury of Ukraine Buchach area. The competition for the selection of evaluation activity,which will be involved in an independent assessment of state property held in the Regional office in Ternopil region SPF March 5, 2015 at 15 o'clock. Applicants to the selection must submit proposals for cost and turnaround time (up to 5 days) and costing related to theirperformance. Tender documents must be submitted before February 26, 2015 inclusive at m. Ternopil, st. Tantsorova, 11, office. 604; submitted in a sealed envelope with the description of supporting documents contained therein. The envelope should make a mark "The competition for the selection of evaluation activity." Telephone - 52-66-85.This was reported in the press service of the Ternopil Regional Council