Recommend livestock producers to enter the European market

The situation in the livestock industry were discussed at a conference which held February 24, Minister of Agriculture and Food of Ukraine Alex Pavlenko. Participation in the meeting on behalf of the Acting Head of Ternopil Oblast State Administration Ivan Krysaka took Mr.redstavnyky Department of Agricultural Development of OSA. As the First Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine Yaroslav Krasnopolskyy during 2014 increased sales of poultry and livestock, increased production of milk and eggs. Instead, the number of cattle decreased in all regions. These arenyuyut rising inflation, which hinders gains in food markets. Alex Pavlenko advise managers on the ground to conduct ongoing monitoring of possible foreign markets for Ukrainian products. "Particular attention should be paid to the implementation of dairy products to be displayed on the external markets, especially EU markets - shavedosyv it. - To this end, the first thing to pay attention to the quality of milk, which must meet the standards of top-class. We urge local leaders to create favorable conditions for business to entrepreneurs can equip farms with modern equipment and sell their products in European markets. " In addition, attention is paidin search of new areas of production in the livestock industry. "On the ground, should recommend to the production of milk powder, as there are significant requests for the purchase of this product from China and other countries - the minister added. - As you know, the components of costs for sales rose in price. Therefore, the task of heads of state structures - think ConcreteTNI steps to resolve the situation in the market. " "On the situation in Ternopil region on livestock production, over 2014 farms provided an increase of 3.2%, including agricultural enterprises - by 18.7%. By January 2015 the production of gross livestock production in increased by 5.5% to vidpovidnohat period last year, including agricultural enterprises - 29.3% - said the director of the Department of Agricultural Development of Ternopil Regional Administration Oleg pressure. - As of 1 January 2015, a field of cattle decreased level of 12.1%. However, milk yield per 1 cow increased to the same period last year to 4,2% ". According to the director of the Department of Agricultural Development of ODA in 2015 in the plan to complete the construction and reconstruction of enterprises, which produce dairy products. "This year we plan to complete the construction and reconstruction of the fourth set and dairy milking parlor LLC" Buchachahrohlibprom "power of 1200 cows with. Lischantsi Buchatsky area, to continue the construction and reconstruction of complex dairy and milking parlor for 1,200 cows in PAP "Agroprodservice" p. Teofipilka Kozova area - said Oleg pressure. - We hope for government support for livestock production. " This was reported in the Ternopil Regional State Administration