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In Rivne literary Prize awarded Ulas Samchuk Basil Basarab

In order to perpetuate the memory of the famous Ukrainian writer Ulas Samchuk, pursuant to Article 42 of the Law of Ukraine "On Local Self-Government in Ukraine", and as directed by the Mayor 18.04.2012 p. number 385 "On behalf of the City literary prize Ulas wellUCA "and the decision of the committee awarding the City Literary Prize Ulas Samchuk of 19 February 2015, the City Literary Prize was awarded Ulas Samchuk Basarab Basil Naumovici (in his new book" The Last Judgement ") with the award of a diploma laureate, badge and remuneration . In particular, the mayor of Rivne VolodymyrKhomko he made this honorable mission and said: - Four years ago we had the idea to create a prize in Rivne. After all, we are not there some provincial town and regional center 300 kilometers from Kyiv, where Burla literary and artistic life. We have people who work for your satisfaction and others. They celebrate oure city. We would like to see the people feel that we need them in exactly what they are doing a useful job. We want to emphasize that their notice and respect and appreciate their work. According to Vasyl Basarab, he wrote his book "The Last Judgement" two years in a row. And it forced him to write the tragic history of Ukraine. In the novel, he described the 20th centuryi. Prototypes of the main characters, says Basil Basarab, in reality does not exist, everything is a collective image. - There is no policy shown. It just shown how different social disasters recorded in the hearts of people pass through the human fate, destiny through people - said laureate Vasyl Basarab. During the year the time the novel "The Last Judgement" wasquite popular. After it through historical past can be seen today in our country. Note. City Literary Prize Ulas Samchuk established in accordance with the order of the mayor of the year 18.04.2012 385-p "On behalf of the City literary prize Ulas Samchuk" to perpetuate the memory of the great writings ukrayiiskohoNick Ulas Samchuk, promotion of modern writers to write works devoted to highlighting the best achievements of today, the promotion of modern Ukrainian literature and honor the best artists in the field of literature. In accordance with the provisions of the size premium is 5 thousand. UAH. The award, diploma and badge winners solemnly handed indays of celebrating the birth of our illustrious countryman writer Ulas Samchuk. Winners of the City Literary Prize Ulas Samchuk were Rivne writers Eugene Shmorgun Peter Velysyk. In 2015, the Commission's decision by secret ballot winner of the City Literary Prize Ulas Samchuk Basarab recognized by Dr. Basil Naumovichan "Last Judgement". Vasa? Naw Eh? Movych Basara? Ba (b. March 19, 1948, pp. White Well, Rivne region in Rivne region) - poet, journalist and local historian. Member of the National Union of Writers of Ukraine. Born March 19, 1948 in the village. White Well Rivne region. He graduated from the Faculty of Philology of Kiev derzhuniversytetu them. Taras Shevchenko. In 1969-1970 he worked as a correspondent Goshchansky regional newspaper, then head of editorial department of the regional newspaper "Free Word". Creativity. Author of poetry books "The country Ukraine", "will", "Kalynova blood" humor "fresh and flavored" Local History essay "Nobel on the lake" collection for children "blackberry path", the communicationSTI and stories "Velvet wind" Certain books out collections of poems "The country Ukraine" (1991) "Will" (1999), "Kalynova Blood" (2001), "fresh and flavored" (2002) collection of poems for children "blackberry path" (1995), local history book "Nobel Nobel on Lake" (2003), a book of prose "Velvet Wind" (2005) and others. Awards: Winner of the regionhoc local history prize "For Revival Volyn" (1999), diplomat literary contest "The Coronation of Word 2013" for his novel "The Last Judgment." This was reported in the Rivne City Council