In Vinnytsia in Haysyn military town continued renewals (+ photos)

February 12 with the participation of Head of Regional State Administration Anatoliy Oleinik and Chief Housing management Armed Forces of Ukraine Yana Georgia hosted another workshop on military infrastructure renewalPart B-4050, which in Gysin. The first stage of the necessary steps that ought to make the regional state administration - which provide heat for accommodation in the town the first part of the military - successfully passed, and 400 fighters are residing in this house. So now is the time for implementation of a number of positions withabezpechennya full functioning military unit personnel by the end of February significantly replenished. During the meeting, the representative of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Ian Georgian and RSA chairman Anatoly Oliynyk made bypassing buildings inspected the property of the military camp and talked to the soldiers asand already live here. "Adopted by the General Staff directive to restore the functioning of the military unit, and will be the second workshop to continue recovery work. The initial phase - providing heat for placing first batch of military - we passed. The private companies bought and mounted 3 Vortextors to heat one of the barracks, where are living our military. The total cost of the work amounted to 250 thousand UAH. At the same time we have ensured that our 9th battalion was part of the 59th Brigade, which will carry out the functions of territorial defense. So shnya workshop is to give impetus to the second phase of measures to further the placement of personnelAnd bringing in a proper state of communications and a full run of the object in the work - from staffing and dining furniture to water supply and sanitation, "- said the head of Vinnitsa region Anatoliy Oleinik. According to Chief Housing management Armed Forces of Ukraine Yana Georgia, estimates for not holdingbypass works there, but this resource is not enough. "So we are working together with regional state administration, are looking for sponsors and decide how to spend their own work necessary to make this military unit was exemplary," - said Ian Georgian. During the meeting, the participants concluded that have already been made, determined pershocherhovi task to the next stage and the potential ways to implement them. However, the regional administration has undertaken to resolve the issue Heating another barracks to by the arrival of the next part of the personnel of the room was ready for habitation. AboutThis was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration