In Chernihiv Oblast fire rescuers eliminated

apartments on 21 February at 4:19 the Office DSNS Ukraine in Chernihiv Oblast received information about the fire apartment on the first floor of a residential building in cmt. Kotsyubynskoho Street. Shevchenko. At the scene of Claim ’ Five minutes came 3rd State Fire and Rescuepost. At the time of arrival of rescuers flame ’ I completely enveloped the kitchen and quickly spread to the room. Through efficient and professional actions of rescuers locate the fire at 11:00 and at 12:40 finally eliminated. The fire destroyed property in the kitchen. There were no victims. How can ’ it turned out during the investigation reasonsand circumstances of the fire, the fire was the cause of its own negligence host during smoking. In connection ’ connection with this, the Office DSNS Ukraine in Chernihiv region appeals to you with a request to follow basic fire safety, value their lives, the lives of their loved ones. Be careful when smoking. Do not throw noextinguished match or cigarette butts on the floor or in the trash. In no case do not smoke in bed. From these truths depends on your well-being! Always remember that only strict adherence to safety rules will help you avoid irreparable disaster. UDSNS in Chernihiv region