In Chernihiv region, our goal - to gradually pereosnaschaty subdivisions DSNS modern special equipment - Sergey Bochkovsky

One of the priorities DSNS Ukraine, on the way to forming a European level is to update the current fire equipment to allow more effectively perform the tasks purpose. Therefore,This year's Rescue Service continues to increase efforts at comprehensive technical re-equipment of special authorities and civil defense forces with modern technology and provide examples of their units Operational Rescue Service of Civil Protection, including the use of capacity and resources of local authorities and Ezhnarodnyh organizations. This was announced during an expanded meeting of the Board Chairman DSNS Ukraine Sergey Bochkovsky. He said that work on upgrading units DSNS already underway. In particular, the 2014 Guide Service has visited with working visit at the leading Ukrainian enterprises and oznayomylosya of products out there that producesARE. &Ldquo; In our plans together with domestic producers to create a universal special vehicle, versatile, interchangeable modules, which in addition to rescue operations, also perform humanitarian mission. We also aim to equip the AN-26, which is now located on our balance medical equipment. Thus we can usageystovuvaty him to transport victims from the areas of emergency. We understand that this is not immediately possible, because this requires money. But gradually it is realistic to put all our plans into reality & rdquo ;, - said Sergey Bochkovsky. He noted that the current material equipment is not DSNSin the best condition. With their requirements in 10 thousand. 288 vehicles in stock is 9 thousand. 709 units. In addition, over 80% are already obsolete technology and requires the cancellation. Almost no modern means for extinguishing fires and rescue people from buildings up 10 floors and above. &Ldquo; We do not hide that most technicalics, which is the balance we really need the cancellation. However, despite this, Rescue Service is committed to keep it in good condition. It is thanks to the hard and constant care, all equipment is DSNS Ukraine and performs the tasks assigned to & rdquo ;, - said Sergey Bochkovsky. Press office In DSNScountry