DSNS Ukraine enhances professional recruitment to improve the quality of work, - Sergey Bochkovsky

The formation of Rescue European level primarily depends on the people who work in DSNS Ukraine and do everything possible to improve and reform the activities of the Service. It is professional and careful selection of personnel, as well asensuring the appropriate level of training is the key to effective and efficient work. This was during the extended final board said Chairman DSNS Ukraine Sergey Bochkovsky. &Ldquo; We do not need desk-heneralchyky leaders who did not save a single person, nothing constructive to the Service did not work and wereat least his own pocket. DSNS Ukraine needs intelligent, enthusiastic young professionals with glowing eyes who love their country and its people ”, - said Head of Service. He noted that the main task is to form a team of prospective employees who talk as Europeans and can rationally approach to problem solving, Introduce new modern technologies in the field of civil protection, to continuously improve their skills and encourage others to do so. &Ldquo; We must work honest, professional and dedicated people. We give a chance to our young professionals, graduates express themselves, because we understand that the current generation is living under very different rulesand we think very differently. In our specialized high schools trained many talented and hardworking young people who have their own opinion to improve the system of civil protection. Currently, we do everything possible to implement the scope of our professional education new technologies and thus prepare young professionals European level. I believeand that it was for their future and they will continue to implement their ideas and developments in life & rdquo ;, - said Sergey Bochkovsky. He also noted that the system DSNS Ukraine developed the relevant provisions and psychophysiological methods of professional selection privates and officers. With the passage psyhofiziolohichnoyi examination determined the level of qualities such as attention, memory ‘ Five, resistance to stress, orientation in space, responsiveness and so on. &Ldquo; The test results provided preliminary conclusions on compliance of personal qualities, skills and abilities required professional man's ‘ links. And the testing takes placeI individually, in line with professional requirements for a particular direction of professional activity. So we do psychological prediction reliability of a particular employee in terms of its functionality is required ‘ bonds. Based on the physiological and medical data central medical expert commission makes Finalcal conclusion and certifies the candidate or employee of the requirements of professional & rdquo ;, - said Sergey Bochkovsky. According to the Head of the another priority area of ??work is currently also the further improvement and adaptation to modern European standards of normative - legal framework in the fire, and emergency safetyand civil protection. Press office DSNS Ukraine

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