Chernigov: Appeal to the Ukrainian people in connection with the anniversary of the tragic events in Crimea

Dear compatriots! Aziz vatandashlar! Uvazhaeme sootechestvennyky! In these days of February being fulfilled anniversary of the dramatic events of the distant history and present of Crimea peninsula. Remember how Moscow Bolsheviks in Crimea February 23, 1918, sinking placeinsecond resistance in the blood, executed outstanding Crimean Tatar leader, one of the founders and head of the national Kurultai, the Mufti of Muslims of Crimea, the author of the Crimean Tatar national anthem "Ant etkenmen" Noman Chelebigikhan. A year ago there have been developments in the twentieth century are difficult to comprehend any civilized person. Bore witnessm cynical actions aimed at violent seizure of Crimea - an integral part of the Ukrainian state. The so-called referendum announced and held together with large-scale invasion of Crimean land Russian military was no more than a farce, called cover open Russian aggression against Ukraine. Our country is in no way EIDnaye results of this vile act conducted contrary to international law and national legislation of Ukraine. Especially because the vast majority of Crimean residents, especially the Crimean Tatars and Ukrainian, have expressed an active boycott of this political show, while maintaining their commitment to Ukraine. Ukraine will never give up its sovereign rights Mr.Crimea and will defend by all means the rights of people who live there. In this respect there is consensus between the Ukrainian authorities, politicians and civil society. In this we also have the absolute support of the world and all international organizations. Dear Crimeans! I would appeal especially to those of you who independentlyof ethnic origin, language, communication, religious affiliation considers himself a citizen of Ukraine. Older people remember how wounded during the Second World War, bleeding as a result of Stalin's deportations of Crimean Tatars and members of other ethnic groups, exhausted because of mismanagement in the post-war period of the Crimean landI began to rapidly revive. Filled with water Slavutych it again began to give rich harvests. Thanks to the efforts of hardworking hands and immigrants from Ukraine, recovered and stronger economy, developed recreation area. Almost simultaneously with the restoration of state independence of Ukrainian dragged his hand to his brothers in every way contributed to the return of Bachkivschynu and construction of the communist regime deported Crimean Tatars and representatives of other nationalities, whose house was and always will remain the Crimea. But since last year in the Crimean land were brought again from the outside mistrust, discord and enmity. There are numerous violations of Russian invaders rights of Crimean Tatars, ethnic Ukrainian, Russians and members of other ethnic groups of Crimea, which are pro-Ukrainian views. In Crimea, dominated police arbitrariness arrests on false pretext, searches, even in religious institutions, deportation and arrest leaders of Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people - the representative body of the indigenous people of Crimea. The time will come, and everyone who made and zdiysnyuvaTimaeus crime against the Ukrainian state and against human rights in Crimea, will face Ukrainian and international courts. Those who are now "nationalizes" ownership Ukrainian citizens, businesses, foundations and governments who in pirate way of extracting minerals shelf Ukrainian who in spite of national and international law Useovuye other resources Ukraine in Crimea should know that will return all illegally taken and the perfect answer for. The authorities already done the work necessary to restore property rights through international courts. I am sure the civilized development of the Crimea, the implementation of its rich potential can only composed of independentand undivided Ukraine. Ukrainian government will return control temporarily occupied territory. I will not say that it will be quick and easy. But it must happen, together we build up a new Crimea, which will be provided with the rights and interests of the indigenous people of Crimea peninsula and all residents, regardless of ethnicity, languagetion and religious origin. And for that we are fighting and borotymemsya together! Yes zdravstvuet of United Ukraine! Yashasn byrlyk Ukraine! Long live the United Ukraine