Appeal to rescue residents of Chernihiv region

in Ukraine every year the number of people affected by explosive devices. For example, in 2013 there were 30 people, including 2 children, then in 2014 - 36 people, including 9 children. Experience shows that most often cause of distress is the neglect of people for safe handling youbuhonebezpechnymy objects. Unfortunately, in 2015 the sad statistics continues. On 18 February, the town Ripky school 2 there was a massive explosion, which resulted in two employee of the institution were injured and one died. Children in the explosion were in school in Daycare, were not injured and were quickly evacuated from the systemivli. As it turned out, the cause of the disaster was triggering Rocket-propelled grenade "RPG-18". He brought to the school as a museum exhibit volunteer who recently returned from the region of TU. In this regard, rescuers calling citizens to be vigilant and cautious. If somehow you came vidstrilyana, not to mention forJob, modern or World War II weapons, ammunition, or in any way attempt to bring them as exhibits in schools, museums, home and so on. Do not touch, do not inspect or move explosive or suspicious items. Do it and determine the level of danger should only professionals vybuhotehnichnoyi service. Aboutall the facts detect weapons, ammunition, explosives or other suspicious items immediately inform the police or emergency services telephone numbers 101 or 102. Their arrival will do our best to avoid people approaching the dangerous object, outfitting it with sticks and bright fabrics and carry people at a safe distanceb. Also pay attention to teachers, museum workers on the need to strengthen vigilance and access control in their institutions. In no case do not take from friends and strangers any modern or WWII weapons, ammunition or ammunition rifle. Do not touch them, do not attempt to examine, let alone swing in oneducational institution or museum. On those offering such dangerous gifts immediately inform the police. Note: Your timely and competent actions will help prevent lyhovi! According to the Office DSNS in Chernihiv region