Special police "Titan" Lviv - unbeatable

recently celebrated the birthday of special police "Titan". It was created in the system of private security Ukraine in 1993 and he in his own way is unique. "Titan" can be called paramilitary successor protection for critical and operational facilitiesThat existed in the system of departmental external watchdog (which became well-known private security in the internal affairs). In the early years of Ukraine's independence, when the borders were open in the state began to grow briskly turnover. Electrical appliances, clothing, shoes literally pouring into neighboring countries. And from abroad byroan import goods are imported. Valuable cargo began to attract bandits. So soon the cases of attacks on trucks that went from one end of the country to another and towards the border. The criminal situation on international routes led to the creation of a structure that would implement protection during transportation. Twadtsyat two years ago, the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine signed a decree on the establishment of Special Forces "Titan" in the civil service protection. Today, its functions include protection of individuals, public tourist groups, public goods and values, property security as Ukrainian and foreign citizens, public non-recurring events, public interbanks traffic. At the initial stage of its special unit loads accompanied not only in Ukraine. Often, the final destination was any city in Russia, the Caucasus or Central Asia. According to relevant agreements interiors CIS countries and the former Soviet Union have the right to accompany tytanivtsi goodsand also in those states. Currently, the services of escort fighters platoon usually treated representatives of big business, carrying different kinds of goods the total value primarily from one to several million. This indicates a high level of confidence in the "Titan". Twenty years of "Titan" Lviv invariably led Colonel mothtion Nicholas Dmitrov, in 2013 he went to a well-deserved retirement, but further work remains in the Office of the State Security Service. Some time head tytanivtsiv was present head UDSO Andrew Patrick, and was succeeded by Andrew Music, which since 1997 has been working in the Special Forces. Employees often had special forces spivpratsyuvaty of funds, organizing concerts in Ukraine international pop stars. Tytanivtsi accompanied by Elton John, is fully safeguarded musical instruments Makartni Paul, transported from Kyiv to Kharkiv musical equipment and stage of world famous band Queen. Guarded by the world famous band "Scorpions", which was a concert in Lvomo. During the opening of the stadium "Arena Lviv" is extremely guarded tytanivtsi famous singer Anastacia. Also, in Leo often occur shooting films, exhibitions and fairs. Thus, they provide law and order during the shooting 8-myseriynoyi historical drama "Peter Leshchenko." - Already this year, from February 26 to March 1, workers' TitusANU "entrusted to protect XII specialized Jewellery Fair" Elite Expo 2015 ", - said the head of" Titan "Andrei Music. In physical platoon of special forces serving Bodyguards about which most of us know only to the movies. In some cases, customers are invited to the guards even of their own homes. Among the clients undersection is the people who use personal protection, as it were, in any case or for improving their image. However, often seek the services of citizens who feel that they swallow a real danger. Such a bad case, in particular, had a few years ago with the famous Lviv deputies. In the evening, when the official governmentalodyv from his home, it was attacked. Tytanivtsi able to protect men from intruders. The attackers had to retreat. Fighters "Titan" Lviv has never been a case of cargo loss or damage to life and health of their customers. UDSO at the Interior Ministry Ukraine Lviv region