In Lutsk Nicholas Romaniuk discussed with residents of the September issue of construction of domestic sewage

For years, residents of the neighborhood concerned about the September issue of flooding their homes and gardens. By this led many factors, including topography and features, high groundwater level and so on. Throughlack of centralized sewerage residents had to build their homes near sewer individual wells. Often they were made of and failure to comply with all requirements of the water, which merged in these wells was also enriched the soil and its additional moisture. Construction is of domestic sewage willresolve the issue of flooding areas and create more comfortable conditions for residence. At one time it was developed construction documents. According to it, the value of is about 17 million. This is a considerable sum for the city. However, due to lack of funds is not started. And this year in the city budget neredbacheno 4.3 million for the construction of domestic sewage. Discuss with the residents of the neighborhood features the September of this project came Mayor Nicholas Romaniuk, Deputy Taras Yakovlev, City Council Natalia Bund, Head of Capital Construction City Council Leonid Carabao. Toinform the public was presented the project of construction of domestic sewage. Nicholas Romaniuk said that due to lack of funds earlier work on the construction of sewerage network is carried out. This year was able to provide some funds. The mayor hopes that through decentralization and delegation of powerlocal governments can attract additional financial resources to their budget and will focus on the work. "I came to inform you that the project is, the funds allocated and we start work. A tender procedure and determined the contractor. This - the company "Lutskspetsbud." We want to tell you how we wouldachymo the project of building sewers and hear your wishes, "- said the mayor. On the features of the project and its implementation neighborhood residents informed the head of the capital construction Leonid Carabao. "The project envisages construction of sewerage network samoplynnoyi street Dovzhenko to seweratsiyno pump station outside Polonkivskiy its reconstruction and further building the network to the street Bozhenka. The total length of the network will be more than 3.5 kilometers, "- he said. To the central network, he said, with every street should be built more drainage. It has engaged in the construction of most residents. Town thlova Nicholas Romaniuk said that, unfortunately, means nothing in the city budget to build sewers for each of the streets. According to him, except for construction of domestic sewage in September, is in need of repair streets and adjoining areas, public sector institutions, expansion of pre-school education, Purchase medicines for certain categories of citizens. This is necessary to direct financial resources. Director of LLC "Lutskspetsbud" Alexander Klachkevych, the company which will carry out construction work, informed about the features of work. He said that by the end of May, they will build a network of sewage pumping stationlocated outside Polonkivskiy, Dovzhenko Street and continue to work here. However, he said, it would be nice to work in parallel with the street was connecting side streets to the main sewerage network. Then Mayor Nicholas Romaniuk suggested residents organize to late May Developand project documentation for the construction of networks in each of the streets and the network connection. He said that if all men promptly do, after the laying of the pipeline will be central to conduct preparatory work on the street to further paving. Representatives of local authorities, design institute and also works of artistsaith all questions arising in people. Applied citizens Mykola Romaniuk and on other issues that concerned them. In particular, people are concerned about removal of solid waste. Nicholas Romaniuk said that in the private sector have a problem with that. Often people throw bags of garbage out and tearing their animals. The way andthe situation is to purchase individual dumpsters. CE "Lutskspetskomuntrans" gives them credit for three years. Monthly pay extra people only 10 USD. According to him, it is very convenient, because garbage is not roznosytymetsya streets will be clean. Workers' Lutskspetskomuntransu "be coming to each house and collect in garbage outthese tanks. Also people are concerned about littering some areas of the neighborhood The September. According to them, in areas selected individual building created natural landfill, no one cleans. People believe that the owners of these sites have to take care of his territory. Nicholas Romaniuk promised to deal with this issue. In zavershennya meeting thanked the residents of the district by Mykola Romaniuk meeting and presentation of domestic sewage. This was reported in Lutsk City Council