Khmelnytsky met 8 fighters of special purpose regiment who had returned from the East

Late Khmelnytsky with flowers and yellow and blue balloons came to military units to meet their heroes. People met military cries of "Heroes" and "thank you." Spetspryznachentsi got several buses. All returned alive. However,and they said, is injured, someone lost all their belongings. Command believes that soldiers cope with the tasks and showed heroism. One of the men said that all came alive thanks to the commander. "They are our heroes who returned home from Debal'tsevo. Went all living. We are grateful that they provide us with a peaceful sky over Chme?nicakym. Khmelnytsky community, despite the late hour, I decided to come to thank the soldiers. We want to wish them strength, health, because, unfortunately, the war continues. But we hope and believe in victory, "- said Deputy Head Oleksandr Symchyshyn. The information was