Ivano-Frankivsk police quickly tracked down and arrested the robber

20-year-old Snyatynsky district police tracked down, the citizen, by the way, has a criminal record has committed another criminal offense - robbery. Forward selected in the 19-year-old boy mobile phone. The victim asked for help from the cityilitsioneriv. Employees of the Criminal Investigation Snyatyskoho police department quickly established the seat of the attacker and detained him in Kolomyia in its spivzhytelky. Currently being tested on the involvement of "mobile" robber to commit other crimes. On this fact openly criminal investigation department proceedings under Part 1 of Article 186 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (open abduction of another's property (robbery), which sanction the punishment of imprisonment for a term of four years. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine Ivano-Frankivsk

Source: http://artlife.rv.ua/