Ivano-Frankivsk, registered in the region 4 fires, 1 person injured

23 February at 9:33 hours. in the village of Grabow Rozhniativ area at a yard lit summer kitchen. The fire damaged the wall of the building on the area of ??1 sq.m. The cause of the fire - a short-circuit power supply. 23 February at 12:41 h. in the village in the district Rakov??k Kolomiyskogoynykla fire in the room of a house. The fire destroyed the TV, a sofa, a sewing machine, household items, sooty walls of the room. From the fires coach ambulance with a diagnosis of carbon monoxide intoxication to Kolomyyskoy CRH hospitalized 61-year-old. The cause of the fire - a short circuit wiringTV. 23 February at 14:07 h. Ivano-Frankivsk Street Basilian fire car Opel « Vivaro & raquo ;. The fire damaged wiring the engine compartment of the vehicle. The cause of the fire - a short circuit wiring of the car. From the beginning, Ivano-Frankivsk region 404 having a fire in the fire killed 8 for residentsparadise. Last day Carpathian rescuers went twice to provide care in the home. Management DSNS in