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Transcarpathia: the Velykobereznyanschyni P "plates and" cavalier "raped underage schoolgirl-

offenders p'yatyklasnytsi investigating police department announced on suspicion of having committed a criminal offense provisions of Clause 3 st.152 Criminal Code of Ukraine (Rape of a minor). For the young man committed threatens imprisonment fora period of 7 to 12 years. Pupil fifth grade came home from a party in tears. A little recovered, began to tell mother about what happened to her. That night she was at a party. After the guests began to go home. Accompany minor home vyzvavsya her young neighbor. Not suspecting anything bad girlagreed with the proposal, especially since the night outside, and one at a time to go home scared. Along the way a drunk guy started to cling to the girl. A minor scared, alcohol and heated gentleman was not considered for its refusal. Rogue forcibly dragged his victim to the side of the river where raped and then abandoned her and escaped their fate ... At nightmother of the victim called the "fast". Doctors reported the accident police. At the scene arrived investigative team, police interviewed the victim. In place of the crime found minor wear her jeans and underwear are removed for examination. At this time the victim is being treated in the local hospital. Slidchyy Velykobereznyansky police department conducts the necessary investigative steps to establish all the circumstances of the case. Miroslav Pekar Perechyn District Police