Transcarpathian police SSS trained on the handling of explosive devices

Unfortunately, the events taking place recently in Ukraine, trained police officers to be ready for anything. How to distinguish the true from the grenade hoax and how to behave with such explosive devices do when it detects suspicious objects - Transcarpathianim derzhohorontsyam said Chief of the explosion and fire-technical and technical examination Forensic Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Valery Samozvantsev area. - In our area slightly fewer detect explosives, but the incidence of detection of suspicious objects that can be improvised explosives increased -he says. For example, in December, the police was informed that under the City Children's Clinic in Uzhgorod is suspicious bag. Fortunately, it was empty, and the police should know what to do in such cases. - Priority actions of SSS in similar situations - a report about the incident the near DutyWhy police station. Ensure the protection of the scene before the arrival of experts to interview passers-by about a suspicious package, or did not see who brought, or do not know the owner so on. Then also, if necessary, should bring people of explosive zones. It is strictly forbidden mechanical effect on a suspicious object, hitting, shaking, etc. The expert showedpolice look like various types of grenades. He told how they differentiate and distinguish from real grenade hoax. - These classes are extremely important in the current situation. It often calls for mining this or that building. Because of critical facilities are protected SSS, the police of having optiati how to act in a given situation - said the head of GEO region Andrey Litovchenko. The police once again turn to the citizens, for their own safety and the safety of others in identifying suspicious objects do not in any way immediately inform law enforcement. UDSO at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region