In the Transcarpathian region prosecutor's office due to the bank will not charge credit debt of

disabled Recently its decision Hust District Court zadovolyv in full the claims of prosecutor and recognized the loan agreement between the bank and the mentally ill Transcarpathians invalid. As Hust interdistrict prosecutor Sergei Zovdun: « We have to Hustskoho district court was pre ’ revealed to claim the benefit of Transcarpathian, older person, a disabled group 2, which is the guardian of his incompetent son to Xust branch of a bank on the recognition of the loan agreement null & raquo ;. Established in 2009 his son invalidity 2 groups because of his mental illness andappropriate for retirement. Later, already Hust District Court decision declared incompetent man and set him over custody and trustee for his father. However, in 2010, between hospitalization in a psychiatric hospital, the man was able to enter into a credit agreement with various banks. In view of this, and because OPICoon is also incapable of disabled II (amputated right leg) and can not move freely, Hust Interdistrict Prosecutor's Office appealed claim the benefit of a disabled parent to invalidate the loan agreement concluded between his son and Khustsky branch of the Bank. In court, proved and confirmed by the court, and the conclusionsand doctors at the time of the loan agreement Transcarpathian suffered mental illness, received continuous treatment in a mental hospital and did not realize the significance of his actions. Therefore, the loan agreement terminated. Press office of the Prosecutor's Office Transcarpathian region