Intervention Ternopil law enforcement officers left without telephone rogue spoil you call

and represented employees, to convince the risk of losing money from the "electronic wallet" urgently requested to provide the card number and other personal data - be sure - it's crooks. Immediately place the phone and navidaytesya to the nearestFirst branch of your bank to find out the situation. Recently, this type of fraud injured 45-year-old resident of our city. To the woman on mobile phone call stranger, who introduced the bank. The man said that their central office, which is located in Dnepropetrovsk, there was a terrorist attack, which resulted suffered byshkodzhen technical equipment. Therefore an urgent need to change the PIN codes of all clients. Guest Ternopolyanka believed him and dictated credit card number and other personal information. For some time ternopolyanka went to the nearest ATM to check his account. What I saw was shocking - the electronic wallet disappeared over 10thousand. With the injured rushed to turn to law enforcement. The police responded promptly. They contacted the bank employees, who in turn blocked the funds that were transferred from the card to another account ternopolyanky. The intervention of law enforcement rogue left with nothing. Authority staffInterior of a countryman again warned to be vigilant and not to trust strangers who call and assure the possibility of losing money. In no case do not provide anyone about numbers and access codes to bank cards. If you have any suspicion of misconduct bank employees, it is best to call "Mr.aryachu line "financial institution and ask if they carry out any transactions, or visit the nearest branch of your bank. When it is done, you are caught in the snare cheaters, do not hesitate and immediately notify law enforcement. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Ternopil region

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