In Zhytomyr region identified mortar shell munitions

February 23 item called ’ communications 10th State Fire and Rescue parts Novograd Volyn was reported that in the village Didovychi on the field near the forest, was found 1 mortar shell fire 55mm WWII that was fighting. Pratsivnyky local forestry, going to work, met at the explosive subject and immediately called rescue workers. On their arrival finds dangerous place was fenced. Group of pyrotechnic works management DSNS Zhytomyr planned destruction of Explosives on specially equipped for this monththese. Dear citizens! Management DSNS Ukraine in Zhytomyr region again appeals to you with a request: in case of explosive devices, or suspicious things in any case not to touch them and immediately call the telephone numbers of emergency services: « 101 » or « 102 & raquo ;. Dear parents! Talk to yourof children about the dangers hidden in a explosive device. Because children's thirst for curiosity future worth living. Once again stress that in identifying suspicious object is strictly forbidden to touch and move it, pour liquids, fill with soil or cover it with something, use a tool rad ’ communications, mobilephone (they can trigger an explosion), touch suspicious device and carry it to sound, light, heat or mechanical impact, because almost all explosives and poisonous sensitive to mechanical, sound effects and heating. In DSNS in Zhytomyr region