To move cargo or get into the zone ATO, taxpayers must obtain permission Vinnichiny fiscal services

Security Service of Ukraine recently adopted a new procedure for movement of goods, transport, and transport people. It identifies some issues controlling the movement of people, vehicles and goods, and the kinds of roadblocks, Control of entry and exit points, order of operations, rules of crossing in the area of ??anti-terrorist operation in the Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts (hereinafter - ATO) and along the contact line within Donetsk and Lugansk. The full text of the document may be on the official portal with fiscalUkraine luzhby the link - After downloading the appropriate application below, the citizen will see application form for a permit to move goods to (a) zone ATO and directly form permission. You may also see a sample permits issued by coordinationynatsiynyy center at the headquarters of ATO for natural and legal persons and the right of the vehicles in a specific sector. Also, the appendix contains a list of entities that are or manufacturing facilities are located in the area of ??administrative units, and a list of products that they move through the line of demarcation for vyrobnychohO process. Citizen (owner or authorized representative) who intends to import (export) goods to and from temporary uncontrolled territories should apply to the fiscal authorities at the place as a taxpayer. The application to move humanitarian aid will consider 3 days zavu about products for industrial purposes - 10working days, on other products - up to 30 days. Fiscal Service, all coordinated with the focal point, decide to authorize or deny. Permit issued in four copies. His original after delivery of the goods by the carrier returned to the applicant and accounted for as a form of strict accountability. The second copy is to control paragraphsthose entry / exit, third - carrier reserves at home, and the fourth in the consignee. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration