In Chernivtsi region the OSCE special visits IDPs Special

of the OSCE in Ukraine oznayomlyuyetsya work with regional headquarters of Chernivtsi region on social security of citizens of Ukraine who move from areas of counter-terrorism operations and living conditions stimulatedshenyh immigrants. Yes, February 23, representatives of the OSCE Ingo Byutner from Germany and Robert Lambert from Hungary, representatives of the Office DSNS and executive bodies Gertsaevsky region visited the Holy Ascension Monastery in the village Bancheny Hertsa area. Today the Holy Ascension Monastery is home to 51 forced to makelenets 27 of them children. During the trip international observers familiar with the living conditions, social status of immigrants and their children. In one of the families of immigrants newly born another baby representatives of the Office of the OSCE mission DSNS and greeted my mother with this holiday and gave her gifts. At the end of the meeting, thanked the managementS State Emergency Service of Ukraine in Chernivtsi region and representatives of district authorities to ensure conditions for the temporary accommodation of immigrants. &Laquo; This positive result is provided through close cooperation between all the agencies that deal with immigrants & raquo ;, - summed up the representative of the OSCE Ingo Byutner.Press Service UDSNS Ukraine in Chernivtsi region