Or still ATO War?

On protyazhenyy many centuries the territory of Ukraine and Russia sovremennh prebvaly in tesnoy vzaymosvyazy Between them, they detached DIFFERENT states, the edynoe As Allied State. Not smotrya on navyazannuyu society in The Soviet ideology at TIME rodstve and unique origin of our peoples, mnohovekovom brotherhood, friendship and relBetween oshenyya ukrayntsamy and so in fact, Russian Everybody and not bly especially druzhestvennmy Oh and not rodstvennmy More topics (How about this lyubyat declare vsshye chyn Rossiyskogo polytykuma and clergy). With the advent of power in 2009 for godu prorossyysky nastroennoy of Regions and the Party of ee leader Viktor Yanukovych ta confrontation Only usylyvalas, podoHow hrevaemaya from the inside, and so outside. The leadership of the country as-budto not zamechalo oshybok predecessors and all bolshe usylyvalo vnutryobschestvenne konflyktne nastroenyya West and the East (vpolne Perhaps with uchetom nneshnyh of events, something is definitely not ymelo This is inner and External umsel). How b That was the then us, but all voltage vlylos This is snachalain ocherednoy Square with Bolshoi Quantity victims and zatem in vooruzhenny and Conflict in the East of the country, kotory NOW has obviously possible to nazvat (Despite upornuyu interpretation Ukrainian side, As ATO). This Conflict showed all vulnerabilities Ukrainskaia vooruzhenyya system, as well as absolutely Application novyh tactics and methods of action Doing boevhs, kotore vhodyat far right brane and Understanding uchastvuyuschyh. This also showed Conflict neveroyatnuyu konsolydatsyyu Ukrainian society in sovmestnom porve assistance svoym troops, neveroyatnuyu generosity and stoykost, anyway How armeyskoy verhushky and stupidity.

Source: http://artlife.rv.ua/