The representative of the president's party in the Rivne region can lead the direction of the regional center investment

New deputy mayor of Rivne on the executive of the City Council may be Rivnerady deputy representative of the party "PAID Poroshenko" Solidarity "Ruslan Shevchuk. In his new position he will be responsible for the areasin urban planning and architecture, international relations, strategic development and investment. The final decision on the appointment of Ruslan Shevchuk take deputies at the next session Rivnerady, to be held February 26 this year. According to Ruslan Shevchuk, the main priorities of his new position will attract andnvestytsiy in the city's economy; combating illegal MAFamy by creating communal temporary structures that city zdavatyme rent entrepreneurs and receive considerable income from it. "We realize that getting the post - is a big responsibility, the more difficult for the country and local governments time - said the possibilityyve staffing solutions Rivnerady of the Rivne Regional organization of "Block Poroshenko" Solidarity "Sergei Shturhetskyy. - However, we understand the critical importance and attraction of investments to the regional center, and is encouraging his fellow party members for the position, we are confident in the business and professional qualities Ruslan Shevchuk. Finally,members of our party for the first time to take responsibility. "