The project developed in Ternopil Regional Programme for Combating HIV / AIDS for years 2015-2018

According to the National Programme for Combating HIV / AIDS in the years 2014-2018, approved by the Law of Ukraine on October 20, 2014 1708 -VII drafted Regional Programme for countermeasuresher HIV / AIDS in 2015-2018 years. The order signed by the acting head of the Ternopil Oblast State Administration Ivan Krysak. According to the director of the Department of Health Ternopil Regional State Administration Volodymyr smoked objective of the program is to reduce morbidity and mortality from HIV / AIDS, providingquality and affordable prevention and diagnosis of HIV infection, especially members of groups at high risk of HIV infection, treatment, medical care, care and support for people living with HIV as part of health care reform. "Regional Programme for HIV prevention, treatment, dohlpoison and support for HIV and AIDS for 2010-2013 are not fully been provided to prevention and treatment and diagnostic measures, - said Vladimir. - After all of this program involved only medical and social workers, and employees of state agencies, local samov-government, employers, trade unions, business representatives actively participate in these events did not take. " According to Ivan Krysaka number of registered HIV cases is increasing every year, and the level of access to services for diagnosis and treatment, especially among groups at high risk of HIV infection is low,hence AIDS mortality remains high. "The problem of combating HIV / AIDS not solved by the state budget, and therefore there is a need to attract regional budget" -naholosyv John Krysak. So to the program from the regional budget to be allocated 3147.03 thousand. UAH. Overall implementation of measuresApplications will reduce in 2018 the incidence of HIV / AIDS by 10% compared to 2014 year. Note: Last year, 10 cases of HIV-AIDS are HIV carriers - 80, AIDS - 26. The incidence of HIV / AIDS 9.9% to 100 thousand. Population, HIV carriers - 7.4%, AIDS - 2,4%. In 2013 recorded 132cases of HIV / AIDS including HIV carrier - and AIDS 89 - 43. The incidence of HIV infection was 12.28 cases per 100 thousand. population, AIDS - 4.00. The largest number of HIV cases registered in 2014 in the city. Ternopil - 35, near Lanivtsi, Kozova - 6, Buchach - 5, Zalishchytsk, Borschevskom, Zbarazwho, Terebovlia Chertkovsky - 4, Shumsky, Ternopil - 3, Berezhany, Zboriv, ??Kremenetskiy - 2, and Husyatyn Monastyryska - to 1. In 2014 died of AIDS 29 people (in 2013 - 16 people). This was reported in the Ternopil Regional State Administration