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Ternopil police arrested the thief, on account of which a dozen thefts from private homes

thief who terrorized residents of long Ternopil region, obkradayuchy their home, recently arrested operatives of the Criminal Investigation together with the staff of the District Department of the Interior. Man suspected teachNennius eleven theft, total loss, he struck victims - more than 600 thousand. As the head of the Ternopil police department Andrew Kupchak, reported the theft of the buildings began to come to the police in late December last year. As a rule, all dwellings penetrated evening and carried only money andOlot. The nature of committing crimes pointed out that a series of thefts may be involved in one and the same person. Beginning of hard work in finding the thief, police interviewed neighbors of the victims, villagers, every night patrolling the area. Soon the police received operative information that helped them get on the trail of a suspect, In particularMA, was found in the car which he moves. The result was not slow. While patrolling the village of White precinct police inspectors together with activists of local self noticed a suspicious vehicle. Pid'yihavshy closer police tried to talk to the driver. However, the latter in response pressed the gas. And in a few minutesylyn runaway car stalled. Then the driver jumped out of the car and began to flee, thus throwing off his clothes and shoes. Law enforcers managed to catch a fugitive. During the arrest the attacker inflicted injuries to one of the officers. Was detained 37-year-old Zbarazh. He long "obchyschav" home residents Ternopilskoho area. The suspect confessed to the crime. In total, eleven documented evidence of illegal zavolodin property of others' homes. Among the victims - the owners of estates of Great Berezovytsya, White, Plotychi, Hrechynskyh-groves, Great groves, woods-Shevchenko. According to the head of the Criminal Investigation regional police Stephen Yatsuha, get on the trail of the thief investigators could not immediately because he acted carefully, did unlawfully in gloves to leave no trace, no stolen goods marketed, and played a considerable role criminal experience - had previously been convicted of similar offenses. Interestingly, going for another crime he shod every new pair of shoes. Before you climb into someone else'saccommodation, convinced the suspect in the absence of the owners. In almost all cases, the pathways become plastic windows. He or their vidvazhuvav or broke. He worked quickly, his "profit" were only jewelry and money. Most good thief lucky enriched in the house, in the village of Haji-Hrechynski. There were not abductedst gold jewelry, and found refuge in a considerable amount of money - 30 thousand, two thousand dollars. During the search of the apartment sanctioned police seized the suspect still many things belonging to victims. As well as his personal belongings and gun crime: fomku, gas cylinders, mask, flashlight, backpack and so on. On the stolen money zlovmysnickname lived in a big way and never anything does not deny, vacation clubs, buying expensive clothes, making repairs in their apartments. Relatives were not even aware of what the people. Sam detainee said that steal for excitement that grew every time after each successful attacks. Finish serial thief of thieves closer militsionera. Against zbarazhchanyna opened criminal proceedings under Part 3 of Article 185 of the Criminal Code (theft, coupled with the penetration of housing) and paragraph 2 of Article 345 of the Criminal Code (intentional infliction law enforcement officer beating, light or moderate injuries in connection with her official is required 'bonds). For perfect with himahrozhuye imprisonment for up to six years on the judgment of the suspect in custody waiting. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Ternopil region