Ternopil region: the Chortkivschyni unveiled a monument to heroes of Heaven Hundreds of soldiers and ATU

Monument to Heroes "Hundreds of Heaven" and fallen soldiers ATO opened February 20th at the Church of St. Mary in Chertkov. On the monument immortalized inscription: "Their immense sacrifice, sacrifice their holidays", at the foot of the pedestal tires as a symbol of the square. The event began with a solemnmoves with national flags to the church of St. Mary. Here priests sent requiem, delivered instructive science with details of our tragic history. After sounded poetry, patriotic songs. Children holding pictures of the heroes of the revolution of dignity. The event was the first deputy head of the State Administration Chortkiv VB.Zapuhlyak, Deputy head of district administration Chortkiv I.O.Vivat, deputy head of the district council L.M.Hrustavka, Mayor M.V.Verbitskyy, military commissar area L.R.Pidruchnyy, venerable fathers of various denominations and caring inhabitants of the land. Completed event laid flowers and inflammation icon-lamps. This was reported in Ternopil oblderzhadministratsiyi

Source: http://artlife.rv.ua/