Bukovynskiy derzhavtoinspektor: "The human gratitude - the highest award"

The concept of "misappropriation vehicle" has the numbering of the Criminal Code. For police employee number "289" means that this is a set of measures to be applied in order to identify which captured the alien vehicle "for any purpose" and uat such an act "is punishable by a fine of one thousand to one thousand two hundred tax-free minimum incomes, or imprisonment for a term of three to five years." For citizens of vehicle loss is primarily psychological shock and hope that investigation, the investigation will give positive results and see his master againchotyrohkolisnoho friend. Meanwhile, improving the criminal underworld methods, scans the most complex security system and law enforcement use expertise to bring the thieves to justice. There is a science safety of the car, which promote traffic police, but citizens do not care or do not shut the door prosaic carsleave the keys in the ignition, or too safe when using electronic protection. In short, the philosophy of the thief and the defender of the downtrodden as old as the Bible. Success in this confrontation depends largely on merit People are supposed to protect the legitimate interests and rights. Dmitry HALISCHUK, a police captain, senior, etc.Spector sector administrative practice, the materials accident investigation and tracing of transport, which disappeared from the accident scene, is one of those professionals who have to directly investigate the case under Article 289. An important area of ??work in the State Dmitry heads over the last two years. By this hosted service from inspectorand DPS Inspector administrative practice, senior inspector with the wealth of knowledge gained at master Kamenetz-Podolsk university and practical work "on the line". In January 2015, the number of illegal zavolodin vehicles in Chernivtsi region has increased over the same period last year to 4 of attacking. Only 7 cars have become victims of criminals. - But thanks to the cooperation of our patrol with staff Criminal Investigation, district police departments, all vehicles were found, - says Dmitry. - In February, all cases have been brought to court. Criminals installed. Currently, there are already two cases of illegal possess FebruaryYin outside the Russian avant-garde in Chernivtsi. Investigative team performed the work. Established two young people that dismantled for parts cars for sale. Finding help for video cameras ... - Tell you about some episodes. They are important, obviously, every single detail. That reminded of video ... - TAc. Video cameras in shops, on street corners, established by the City Council at pharmacies, offices, banks, private rooms that people set for their security, help us. Even if there is no visible license plate, you can see the direction of the vehicle. And after that you can navigate. We see where the car drove that square aboutstezhuvaty. When stopped at a garage cooperative already begin official action by the cooperative and are working version. - What is the most important in revealing the "illegal zavolodin"? - Fast Response. All misappropriation best revealed in hot pursuit. If a person is found in time that she stole a car and it is time to potelefonuvala linuw 102 lift crews are putting people "squares" surrounding it. If you need another plan introduces "interception". If passing day or more after the discovery of the crime, then, respectively, and need to work harder to attract additional arguments, facts, seek details of the crime, collect additional information. - What do you think criticallyand measurement of time in search of? - 3-4 hours. If more than a day after the kidnapping, the situation is more complicated. But still we work. I would, of course, that people care about their vehicles, making them at sites that are protected, do not leave keys in cars. We had a case recently in Novoselytsia area. The man left forpiercing in the car, the door is not closed. It turns out the car and not ... simple negligence. This provokes an attacker or irresponsible citizen drank a glass and looking for adventure ... By the way, these seemingly kazusni situations lead to serious consequences, forcing police to spend time, resources to search. Because for each illegallyWMD acquisition goes all personnel. - What you need for this work in addition to knowledge? - As they say, you need a "rumor" that is, professional flair. It is also common ownership information. For example, one must know where the car repaired where they dismantled where a service station and so on. This source of information on daily inhrd. - Tell us about interesting cases in your practice. - We had an accident with "skryttyam" in Sokyriany where "Mercedes Sprinter" hit a pedestrian and fled the scene. The man died in the ambulance. In place of the accident we found nothing but a tiny plastic detalky size of a penny ... And later we identified a fragment Car BrandI ... Visually details of the vehicle is not visible because it kept mounting the bumper on the right side of the vehicle. That is, when struck this little piece mounting disappeared. We found a car from which the detail on that street have learned that ride on these Mercedes ... And then went to the man home, inspected the vehicleFound a place where a fragment the size of a penny .... The man admitted that he was drunk, thought that just hurt a pedestrian. - You have to deal with people in stressful situations, shocked the loss of the vehicle. Is it necessary to feel positive emotions? - Yes. Many people, when the investigative team, employees CID optiahodyat vehicle, thank positively assess our work. It's very nice. Indeed, appreciation of people - the greatest reward. Also positive is in charge Dmitry Ivanovich energy to work "domestic nature". Son Stanislav, student high school, engaging in sports school MIA "Dynamo", achieved pleasing success of his father. Candthe European champion Pankration competitions in Romania. In family Dmitry Ivanovich is little time. Sometimes you need to be on the desk legs to succeed. Therefore, the success of his son - moral support in their work. By the way, the preparation of this interview was interrupted by an urgent call Captain Halischuka Glyboksky in the area where the village of Neuve PryvorokyIdoma people fatally injured car boy. The driver fled the scene. Two days later the culprit was found ... Interview for the newspaper UGAI Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Chernivtsi Oblast 'Travel Journal " Anatoly prepared Tomkiw

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