In the Lviv region in Striy smoloskypnm course honored Heroes In Heaven

hundred Striy February 20, 2015, activists took part in the torch during in memory of the fallen heroes of Ukraine. About a hundred residents gathered near the monument to Stepan Bandera and set off the main street to the monument " & quot ;. adherentsActivists in the course of doing several stops to honor the heroes Stryy who died last year at the Revolution Square in dignity, in particular Dyakovskoho George and Andrew Korczak. On the Independence Square in Striy protesters minute's silence all the heroes who sacrificed their lives for freedom and independence of Ukraine. &Quot; Everyoneof us have in place to fight for their right to a decent life. We can not forget the sacrifice paid sons Ukraine & quot ;, - Battalion soldier reported " January " svobodivets Basil Zdyrko. This was reported in the press service of the Lviv regional organization VO " Freedom "