In Lutsk held briefings in Head

A working meeting at Head Volodymyr Hunchyka (during videoselektoru) with some local leaders of ministries and other central executive bodies, structural units of regional state administrations, heads of districts governors, mayors. In videoselektorniy meeting was attended by Mayor Nicholas Romaniuk, Deputy Mayor Taras Yakovlev and Larissa Sokolovskaya, City Council Secretary Sergei Grigorenko. The meeting began with a minute of silence in honor of those killed volynyanyn sign in and ATO during a peaceful march in Kharkiv. Aspirationpoured attention during the operative meeting the issue of mobilization in the area. Temporary Acting Military Commissioner of regional military commissariat Roman Kulik said that February 20 the first stage of mobilization of reservists and technology. Sorry, we could not fully perform all tasks. According to him, usnot begun the second phase. When it is necessary to mobilize troops to 800 people. However, the need to attract additional 200 persons did not have time to mobilize during the first phase. Vladimir Hunchyk stressed the importance of ensuring the country's defense. Now, he said, we all have to make every effort to make our armywas equipped with everything you need. During the meeting Deputy Governor Sergei Kosharuk informed about the status of the company "Volyntorf." He said the company is now working steadily. However, for it to be done a number of steps. He said that currently there are some problems with land allocation fordevelopment of new fields. It is necessary to amend the existing legislation. Sergey Kosharuk reported that accumulated a number of changes to the current regulatory and legal acts regulating the situation in torfovydobuvannya and processing. Was considered during the meeting and issue repair roads. Plans for this year told the head Appsand roads Anatoliy Pospolitak. Discussed during the meeting and other important issues of life area. This was reported in Lutsk City Council