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In Lutsk parliamentary committees working day before the plenary session

71 th session of the City Council at its meeting brought together members of the Standing Committee of the City Council on planning of socio-economic development, budget and finance. Participation in the work of John Korchuk took deputies, Yuri Korolchuk Alexander Pisa, Igor Polishchuk, secretary of the City CouncilSergei Grigorenko. Thus, in the agenda of the Standing Committee had 16 questions. The committee members decided not to hear a report on the activities of the mayor by the city government for 2014, as had the opportunity to get acquainted with it previously. We decided to go directly to questions. John Korchuk asked Nicholas Romaniuk that, in hisopinion, he failed to realize in 2014. The mayor said that, unfortunately, we could not build a trolleybus contact network that would connect the street and district Lviv. Also failed to equip the area around the Tower Czartoryski family, arrange shelter for homeless animals. However, he stressed that these plans noforget and try to implement them. Yuri Korolchuk asked not reported to the City Council any letters or instructions to review the city budget downward, as it plans to do with the State Budget. This Mykola Romaniuk said that no instructions have been reported. Also Yuri Korolchuk asked to happen skorochennya workers in the city council, as in the executive branch is instructed to carry out a reduction of 20%. Nicholas Romaniuk said that the increase in the number of employees occurred. He said the government is delegated authority and yet no one decreases. In case, reducing the number of employees is planned. Finally, the panelsupported the draft decision. Listened to members of the committee report and the Deputy Mayor T. Yakovleva to implement its program of economic and social development of the city of Lutsk in years 2014-2015 on the basis of 2014. Taras V. focused on the basic parameters of the program. He noted that despite the difficult situation in the country could providenormal trend of the city. There have been significant investment in the regional economy. Said Deputy Mayor and contribute to the development of road infrastructure and major repairs adjoining areas. Attention is paid to the development of housing and support activities and condominiums. Significant events perpetrated on the implementation of enerhozberihayuchyh measures. Today is a very urgent issue, because energy are increasing in value. The members of the Commission considered the question of the Comprehensive Program Membership anti-terrorist operations and their families - residents. Lutsk, amending the decision of the City Council of 28.01.2015 69/6 On settingtax on real property other than land, "and so on. There was a meeting of the Standing Committee and International Cooperation, Information Policy, Youth, Sports and Tourism. Participation in it took deputies Natalia Bund, Taras Bass and Nicholas Dendiberin. Also present decided not to hear information Mayor Nicholas Rumanyuka executive personnel of the City Council in 2014, and go directly to questions. After receiving answers to their questions, members of the standing committee supported the proposed draft decision. Also present supported the draft decision "On Amendments to the decision of the City Council of 01.12.2012 16/25 On the program of support for children, young, femaleca and families for the period up to 2015 ". On the main changes to the document introduces the chief of the Department of Family and Youth City Council Alex Veremiychyk. This was reported in Lutsk City Council