In Ternopil resumed military unit 44

separate artillery brigade now dyslokuvatymetsya in Ternopil on the former site of 11 separate Guards Artillery Brigade. Soldiers already repaired equipment and property. Acting Brigade Commander Oleg Forest says that the decision to establish a military unit of Defense Ministry of Ukraineyiny taken in early September last year. Serve it will be mobilized and military service contract. As the Mayor Sergei Nadal Ternopil, from the first day of foundation Ternopil, a fortified city, there always housed a military unit. It is appropriate in terms of military logistics, and our geographic locationtion gives the city a strategic importance for the entire western region. In 2012, when completely destroyed the country's defense, there was a question about what part you need to disband. &Laquo; Since November 2012, we have addressed all levels of government demanding the return of the military to Ternopil, – said Sergei Nadal. &Ndash; Only after the overthrow of Yanukovych and we heard artillery brigade returned in Ternopil. Eleventh separate Artillery Brigade was one of the best in Ukraine, so restoring this military unit is a very important step in the country's defense. The city is ready to contribute to the improvement of since City Council passedprogram to support the defense of Ternopil garrison, which provides funding strategically important about ’ & raquo ;. objects This was reported in the Ternopil City Council

Source: http://artlife.rv.ua/